Biyodisk® Rotating Biological Contactor Units (RBC) are successful microbial wastewater treatment systems developed.

Biyodisk® consist of circular disks made of polyethylene that are 2 m in diameter, 2 mm. in thickness and placed in a series. Disks are placed parallel to each other on a shaft and the shaft is rotated by a motor. Wastewater is filled into long and shallow tanks and the disks are rotated 40-50% submerged in wastewater.

Microorganisms present in wastewater multiply while clinging onto the surface of rotating disk. In this way, the surfaces of disks are coated with a 1 – 2.5 mm thick biofilm. With the rotation of disk, bacteria on the surface make contact with air and oxygen transfer required for aerobic biological treatment is provided.

Biyodisk® Units can be used in many fields of domestic wastewater treatment such as camps, hotels, tourist facilities and villages. These Units can be installed and operated very easily because they are designed as “Plug & Play” systems and constructed as prefabricated. It found a huge field of usage in the treatment of highly organic loaded industrial wastewaters. Examples of this type of industries can be beer factories, cheese producers, alcohol producers, slaughterhouses.

Benefits of Biyodisk® ;

  • Corrosion Resistant Body
  • High Specific Surface Area
  • Low Energy, Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • Resistance to High Loads or Shocks
  • Silent and Odorless Working Principle