Developing industries and diversity at the industrial fields, causing variable wastewater characteristics occurred by manufacturing processes. Now it is required for each individual industry has its own specific treatment system. The treatment of the industrial wastewaters where there are sensitive receiving environment and strict regulations became a much more essential issue for the industrial enterprises since the penalties can be applied from local authorities.

Industrial wastewaters can be different each other depending on type of the industry and processed raw material. Some of the industrial wastewaters have much organic content, can easily biologically degradable or some of them has much inorganic contents, can be toxic. In this context, total suspended solids (TSS), biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) parameters can be variable in a very wide range.

Considering this variable parameters TES WATER GROUP realizing projects for not only providing discharge standards but also decreasing operational costs for the industrial facilities with its solutions for industrial wastewaters. We before deciding the treatment processes definitely realizing industrial wastewater characterization, determining the proper treatment methods and making the design.

We are providing wastewater recovery or effluents at dischargeable limits with our tailor-made treatment processes according to the many different type industrial wastewater characteristics such as paper, milk, confectionary etc.