TES Water Group is aiming much more livable cities and environment protection at highest standards by offering high-tech products and services for wastewater treatment. We are offering best solution for the design, construction and operation of the each step of the municipal wastewater treatment plants with an understanding of solution focused engineering.

Wastewater is collected at the lifting stations by city sewer line and transferred to the wastewater treatment plant. Inlet wastewater is pre-treated by screens and grit grease removal units in order to prevent blocking and wearing at the plant pumps and pipelines. The design of the physical pre-treatment step is very vital for the steps of the treatment process.

According to the inlet wastewater characteristics the required treatment efficiency can be provided by reducing the incoming load to the biological treatment with primary sedimentation process. Carbon, Nitrate and Phosphate compound organic materials within the wastewater can be removed by microorganisms at the biological treatment stage to create suspended sludge and effluent water which is separated from the biological sludge phase can be discharged to the receiving environment. The settled sludge is prepared for incineration process by removing from the system with dewatering and drying processes.

TES Water Group is constructing big scale wastewater treatment plants as well as giving package and compact solutions in order to treat wastewater originated from small scale areas such as villages, schools and holiday complexes etc.

For construction of the plants; we are planning and designing the elements such as plant construction area and its selection, plant layout, hydraulic profile and operational costs with a great precision. While doing this we are considering all of the design criteria collectively and find out the ideal and beneficial solution.