Filtration Systems operate fully automatically without the need for any human intervention. By means of the media in the filter tank, substances with different characteristics and concentrations in the water are kept in the media and removed from the water. The filter performs automatic backwashing to remove any impurities that are retained in the media. It replaces itself by performing a full automated backwashing operation with time and flow control. FRP or epoxy painted carbon steel filter tanks are preferred depending on the capacity. Fully automatic valve groups or PLC control panels are available for the control of systems.

The filtration systems vary among themselves according to their intended use.

Suspended solids, silica, sand, etc., and other contaminants which cause turbidity in water are remove by using Sand Filter Systems. Another function of these filters is to protect the equipment of any other treatment process which will be positioned after it. They are used as pretreatment systems for processing and drinking water, and for treating the distilled water from wastewater treatment systems.

Active Carbon Filter Systems are used for the treatment of diluted gases, residues and organic substances which add chlorine, color, taste and odor in the water.  These systems are the most preferred ones for recovery of process waters and drinking water. Active carbon mineral is a system that performs physico-chemical treatment due to its adsorption mechanism as well as the filtration of the water.

Water Softening Systems are used to remove water hardness and dissolved magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca) ions in the water. With the help of these systems, caustic lime connections of steam boiler, heat exchanger, machine, device, pipe etc. are removed. Once the resin particles in the system reach the saturation point, they are no longer able to retain the ions that harden the water. At this point, the need of regeneration arises. The saturated resin mineral is washed with salt water in a salt bath containing the tablet salt. Following the washing, as a result of rinsing, resin mineral is ready to retain hardness ions.