Founded in Istanbul in 1997, TES Water Group is committed to provide innovative, developing, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions. As an expert on water & wastewater treatment and on renewable energy, TES helps its employers manage and optimize their water resources.

TES continues with its research and development activities within itself and in cooperation with universities. Through monitoring the improvements abroad, it adapts innovations in water & wastewater treatment technologies to the solutions it provides.

TES Water Group, which has been operating in more than thirty countries, has accomplished numerous major projects by completing turnkey works of leading companies in the sector with its innovative, developing dynamic structure and appreciated style.

In this respect, many businesses in Turkey and around the world fulfill their financial and environmental obligations through the Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant which was established by TES Water Group.

By bringing world class products and services to its employers, TES makes new investments every year, increases R & D work, and maintains unconditional customer satisfaction to increase the quality of service provided in all countries where it operates.