Nanofiltration technology can be use in various applications such as water producing from underground and surface waters and also treatment of industrial wastewaters. These system which are one of the membrane solutions with significant advantages, has become popular in recent years and its usage has been increased considerably.

Nanofiltration membranes are not only used to remove suspended solids, dissolved organic compounds, and multivalent ions from water but also applicable for color removal, COD removal, demineralization and wastewater recovery purposes.

Nanofiltration is a membrane separation method which the molecular weight limit is between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. It is used to remove bacteria, viruses, organic residues and hardness.

Applications of Nanofiltration Systems

  • The removal of heavy metals from wastewater
  • The removal of pesticides from groundwater
  • Wastewater recycling in laundry facilities
  • Water softening
  • Nitrate removal