TES Water Group provides new and more reliable and trouble-free compact wastewater treatment units with the new technology developed for the biological treatment of wastewater.

As is known, there are two types of compacted biological treatment processes commonly used for domestic and industrial wastewater. These systems are the classical activated sludge process, which is referred to as continuous biological treatment systems, and the other systems, which are named as dashed biological treatment systems and operated on the basis of filling and drawing. Both systems have their own advantages and disadvantages.

TES Water Group has started to use a different technology to replace existing compact systems by combining the advantages of both technologies.

The PETNA series developed by TES Water Group is supplied to the ventilation section with a constant flow as in the case of continuous wastewater treatment systems. The ventilation section is divided into two with an interval curtain, and it was ensured that the waste water to enter into ventilation section via flow control system. Meanwhile, other section will be in the settling phase. However, in these interconnected sections, the discharge of treated water takes place in the second section which is at settling phase. The wastewater inlet direction is changed during certain periods.

In this system, there is no need to separate a volume in sedimentation in addition to the ventilation volume required for bacterial growth and treatment. Since it is more durable than continuous systems against flow variations, there is less need for balancing pool. Since the sludge is continuously in the pool, it does not need any additional sludge stabilization and the sludge discharges system will be free from pathogens and will have easier de-watering properties. In addition, the sludge recycling system is not needed, so these systems require less energy. There is no need of additional volume and equipment for nitrogen-phosphorus removal. Since the outlet is constant, it does not require high capacity selection for advanced treatment systems.

As a result of detailed studies that TES Water Group R & D department has made, we have brought a novelty to the Compact Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems being produced in our country and once again revealed the difference in the sector with the new PETNA series design. With these systems designed by our company, high efficiency, 20 % energy saving and 30 % capacity increase are achieved in compact treatments.