Chemical Waste Water Treatment Systems are compact system that can be used in factories and industrial plants that leading to the formation of industrial wastewater. These Systems that are designed based on parameters such as charge and discharge pollution operate with optimum efficiency can provide the discharge limits.

In chemical package wastewater treatment systems, the precipitation process is effected by adding chemicals (coagulants) in the appropriate pH range to wastewater. Chemical treatment systems include a neutralization stage that balances the pH in wastewater, a coagulation stage where chemicals that start precipitation are added, and flocculation stage that involves the mixing of wastewater with added coagulants to effect the formation of flocs and precipitation.

Purification is carried out by Chemical Package Wastewater Treatment Systems that designed with different processes depending on the nature of the wastewater originating from the industry in question which using process equipment such as mixing, flocculation, precipitation, pH adjustment, filtration, carbon adsorption, coagulation and coagulants.

TES Water Group fulfills the environmental requirements of industrial establishments that exists in Turkey and many different countries by the produced chemical wastewater treatment systems.