The main criterias when selecting water treatment processes by TES Water Group are, such as purpose of water use, the location of the source of raw water and analysis values, desired effluent analysis values for treated water. Once this information is available, the most appropriate treatment process is chosen.

Compact Systems are preferred rather than conventional systems especially in small capacity usage areas. These systems usage areas are villages, military facilities, farms, small residential areas, holiday resorts, construction sites, refugee camps, prefabricated houses.

Benefits of the System

  • Can be custom designed for different flow rates and water properties
  • Can be moved to the desired location with transport vehicles,
  • Provides ease of installation onsite,
  • Provides security against external factors thanks to being a closed system,
  • Requires no outside intervention other than periodic maintenance

Compact Clean Water Treatment Systems are prepared to provide the optimal efficiency for the capacities that TES Water Group customers need. Our specialized and experienced engineers prepare high-performance designs for usage, potable and process water according to data obtained in surveys and analysis.