Also of discharge of the wastewaters without treatment from the cities and industries is causing rapid contamination of the clean and available water supplies which is leading a crisis for the clean and available water supply globally.

Unprotecting water supplies will cause deterioration at the natural biological diversity and human life quality. The quality of the water is not only important for human health and environment but also important for lifetime of the equipment and machinery (Boiler, washing machine, dish machine etc.) working with water.

Our purpose is increasing the human life quality and protecting the environment by making the treatment systems and plants according to inlet water quality and demand with accuracy and proficiency. TES WATER GROUP is making tailor-made design and application of Sea Water Treatment Systems, River Water Treatment System, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Filtration Systems, Ultra-Filtration Systems and so many other technologies.

TES WATER GROUP produces solutions about water treatment systems and using all technological opportunities by realizing research and development works for much more sustainable life. We are designing integrated systems for much more efficient and effective usage of water that the source of life. Our water systems which are designed meticulously with high quality engineering and detailed works at our R&D laboratories, has been used with trust and satisfactory by many of our clients.