Reverse osmosis systems are used for separating dissolved ions in water with advanced membrane technology and for the purpose of lowering the water conductivity value accordingly. These systems provide purification of water as a result of the high-pressure spiral wound membranes working. Reverse Osmosis (RO) has been used for industrial and municipal water filtration purposes.

Used in the purification of sea water, river water, water supply and natural resources wastewater treatment projects, these systmes have up to 98% treatment yield. They are designed differently and specifically produced depending on the pollutants type, the desired water quality and percentage of recovery.

Reverse osmosis systems generally have pre-filtration systems for the removal of particles, odor, taste and chlorine. Then dissolved ions in water are trapped by osmosis systems. Among these ions in water are heavy metals, sodium, lead, arsenic, nitrate, asbestos, and many other harmful ions. Reverse osmosis systems ensure the removal of these heavy metals and the water takes the form of highly reliable drinking or process water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems which projecting and manufacturing by TES Water Group provided the production of safe drinking, usage or process water from any source.