Pure water is the type of water which the mineral substances present in the water are separated. Ultra Pure Water; The conductivity value is 0.055 μS / cm (25 ° C) or the electrical resistance is 18.2 Megaohm-cm.

Sensitive values ​​of conductivity parameters are required for the process waters used in some plants. In this respect, pure water has many uses in various industrial establishments and medical sector. In many sectors such as automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, defense, space, textile and food sectors, the use of pure water may be needed.

Ultra pure water systems are systems formed by the combination of reverse osmosis and mixed bed ion exchanger resins. The system has full automation, constantly controlling the quality of the water and reflecting it to the user through digital display.

Manufactured by Tes Water Group, the TPW series Ultra Pure Water Systems are developed to provide ultra-pure water from very low capacities, according to the need, with direct mains water connection. Fully automated, easy to install and operate systems are predominantly used in the medical industry.