Ultrafiltration Systems ensure maximum improvement in the physical properties of water without making any changes to its chemical structure. Through the use of ultrafiltration technology, 99% of suspended solids (SS) and turbidity in water are eliminated, while color pigments and most importantly, bacteria and viruses possibly present in the water are eliminated completely.

Providing significant benefits in especially the treatment of spring water or drinking water, ultrafiltration methods are also used in waste water treatment. In particular, applications such as recycling of treated waste water in biological treatments and recycling of laundry and car wash waste water are among the basic applications of positive pressure ultrafiltration modules.

Backwashing and cleaning operations of Ultrafiltration Systems that produced by Tes Water Group are completely automated without the need for human intervention.

Usage Area of Ultrafiltration Systems

  • Pre-treatment for desalination systems
  • Precision filtration of river or well water
  • Recycling of car washing and laundry water
  • Water with precise filtration needs
  • Open closed water circuits
  • Industrial solid-liquid separation and purification processes
  • Providing water free from microorganisms
  • Pretreatment before reverse osmosis system (RO)